The World's Only Non-Contact Voltage and Current Meter
Affordable, accurate power metering that installs in seconds without touching a live wire





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The most accurate, self-powered, non-contact, wireless energy meter
makes zero-downtime, circuit-level real power metering a literal snap.

10x more accurate

than today’s market-leading wireless submeters (known as wireless CTs). With revenue-grade accuracy, the wireless Vizi meter reports over 70 different measurements, including: RMS voltage, RMS current, real/reactive/apparent power, power factor, accumulated energy, 31 harmonics of voltage and current, temperature, and humidity.

10x faster to install

than today's comparably accurate wired submeters that are a hassle. A Vizi meter can be installed in less than 30 seconds, with zero downtime and no need to touch a live wire. Simply clip the meter around the wire to be measured, and integrated electronics acquire both current and voltage waveforms with no possibility for phase mismatch.

10x lower installed cost

to accurately meter a circuit and reliably deliver power data to the cloud. Vizi meters connect automatically through a wireless mesh network to a gateway that can be placed anywhere that there is cellular, Wi-Fi, or ethernet connectivity. One or more inexpensive plug-in repeaters may be used to easily extend the range of the mesh network throughout a facility.


Identify ECMs

Enable energy auditors, facility managers, and building engineers to take the guesswork out of identifying energy conservation measures


Perform M & V

Monitor and verify actual energy usage or savings using revenue-grade measurements for ESG compliance or utility-sponsored programs


Submeter Tenants

Enable and execute a program of accurate, auditable tenant submetering and billing


Automate FDD

Identify cycling or out-of-range operations and integrate with 3rd party fault detection and diagnostics platforms


See Time-of-Use

Identify equipment operating during unoccupied or unnecessary time periods to reduce energy waste and shave peak demand and associated charges


Manage Demand Response

Profitably participate in utility demand response programs by identifying, characterizing, and managing your dispatchable loads


Metering-as-a-Service in three easy steps.


Vizi's products and services are based on a decade of university research and corporate product development.
Learn more about some of the R&D that has gone into making the revolutionary Vizi metering technology a reality.





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